From Trust to Distress: How Parental Monitoring Came to My Rescue!

Your kids can embarrass you beyond measure. And that exactly what happened to me a few months back. I used to be the staunch supporter of letting kids have their private space and my colleagues used to advise me against giving all the freedom to kids. Parental monitoring never appealed to me. But I was quite okay with giving my kids their due space and now I admit I went a bit too far with it. But one morning a few months back, , despite the -10 degrees, I was sweating profusely.

I wasn’t prepared to take on any mentally exhausting challenges and was certainly not expecting it to come from my kid’s side. But there it was: a letter from my son’s school asking me to see the principal at the earliest and explain my son’s behavior. The letter expressly stated that my son was caught doing drugs at school, was showing no interest in class and worst of all, was seen ‘behaving indecently’ with a girl in school premises.

It was a living nightmare. When did I got so blind and caught up with my work so much that I failed to notice my son turning into a spoiled brat? Was my son facing an expulsion threat? Would he end up being nothing and all my hopes for him joining the Ivy League were shattered?

I made a sound decision. I had to stop it from ever happening again. I feared that my son will not take the warning seriously and would might get into serious trouble. I talked to a friend who rebuked me first for not doing what I should have done way back: installing some parental monitoring app on his phone.

Without wasting any more time, I searched for some good parental monitoring app and I found this software StealthGenie to be a good one.

StealthGenie Parental monitoring App:

Indeed, StealthGenie was a way better parental app. It catered to all my monitoring needs and wasn’t expensive at all. I could effectively keep tabs on my son for only $8 a month!

It’s been 5 months and I am still monitoring my son’s phone. I regularly read SMS, emails, chats and also listen to the recorded calls and phone surroundings.

Some amazing features like web history logging, GPS location tracking and SIM change alerts have really made my life so much easy. I don’t panic when it taken my son long to reach home. I simple log in to my account and trace his location.

Thanks to StealthGenie, he knows, too he can’t lie to me anymore. He doesn’t know how I get to know about everything but still, he’s careful and that’s all I wanted! I’d suggest StealthGenie parental monitoring app to all the parents. Don’t make the mistake I did!

iPhone Tracking Software- Monitors What You Want to, When You Want to!

23547-iphone_tracking_teaseriPhone is an advanced smartphone and the user might fall for temptations that secrecy and privacy incite resulting in technology misuse. So instead of controlling any damage on the last minute when it gets even tough to handle, take measures well in time: install iPhone tracking software on the target phone and stay in the know constantly.

iPhone Tracking:

Tracking often invokes a negative connotation in our minds. If you want to track someone, it sometimes is used in spying sense. But is does not mean that you can’t track your kids to safety, track your employees’ location in order to know how much more time will be taken to reach office. Tracking software will help you to stay connected to your employees and kids all the time.

Is it Really Important to Spy iPhone?

Who say it isn’t? if you can afford to let your kids have unchecked and secure web browsing on the phone, ability to send and receive free, unlimited texts and media files and your employees to keep official data separate from personal one thus hiding any document form you under the guise of personal data, you can blissfully ignore tracking iPhone. But if not, then you have to install iPhone tracking software.

Which iPhone Tracker Do Experts Suggest?

I have been testing most of the top rated spy apps and I can say that my suggestion is now respected. For the past couple of years, I did many articles on StealthGenie and how it can change the way we look at our loves. StealthGenie, in my opinion is balanced iPhone tracking software. Although StealthGenie also monitors Android and BlackBerry phone but iPhone tracking is better.

StealthGenie and its Features:

If you want all your monitoring needs to be fulfilled, StealthGenie could definitely appeal you. At first I thought that StealthGenie is getting itself in a mess by offering so many features from the beginning. It needs time to mature. I was somewhat wrong- it was precisely the unique selling point as StealthGenie focused on giving maximum number of features. The main features include:

  • Monitor all SMS, chats and e-mails

  • Spy calls and phone surroundings

  • Check pictures and videos

  • Scrutinize web history and bookmarks

  • Find current phone location

  • Check location tracking of target phone

  • Set alerts on unethical words and inappropriate calls and email IDs

  • Remotely erase data and lock phoane

  • Backup sensitive data remotely

  • Monitor SIM changes through alerts

Don’t procrastinate and do what you should have done long ago- install StealthGenie iPhone tracking software on your target iPhone and leave the rest to the Genie- it won’t let you down!

A Secured Future For Your Kid With A Cell Phone Monitoring App

There are plenty of things that parents need to do to make sure that their children stay happy at all times. Unfortunately, for the benefit of their child, parents need to do such things as well that don’t go very well in the eyes of their children. If you are a concerned parent who is always worried about the activities of your child, then you can get to keep a real close eye on your kid at anytime you want to with the help of a cell phone monitoring app Phoggi.

What does Phoggi do?
A cell phone monitoring app takes simply a few minutes of your time to get downloaded inside your kid’s cell phone. This app runs secretly inside their phone without disrupting any feature inside it. Phoggi works quietly in the back of your child’s cell phone and does not let anyone find out about its presence inside their phone.
What to do?
All you need to do is simply go online and get yourself registered for an account with Phoggi. Then download this app in your child’s cell phone. Once you have received a log-in ID and password from Phoggi, use those log-in details and gain access to the entire cell phone data of your child anytime and from anywhere in the world.
No performance issues:
Phoggi works without any problem with all the Sony Ericsson, Google, LG, Samsung, hTC, Motorola and other Android phones with OS 2.1 or higher. iPhone models with iOS 4.0 and above as well as BlackBerry Pearl, Storm, Torch, Curve, Bold and other models with OS 5.0 and above have no performance issues with Phoggi.
Web browsing and bookmarks:
The entire web browsing history of children is shown to parents with the help of this cell phone monitoring app Phoggi. Parents may even view all the pages that their child has bookmarked.
Geo tracking:
This Phoggi feature helps parents trace down the precise location of their children whenever they wish to know about it. It works with the help of the GPS navigator inside your child’s cell phone.
Proper monitoring required:
For the better upbringing of your child, a proper monitoring of their activities is important. This cell phone monitoring app provides parents with the exact amount of monitoring that they require in securing a better future for their child.

Cell Phone Tracker Software- Cornered!

If you want to buy anything, the first thing that you’d do is to do a little survey and read some reviews probably to get some idea whether or not the product is w0rth your money. Buying cell phone tracker software shouldn’t be any different. Independent reviews like this one will help you to choose the right cell phone tracker software for your kids or employees or anyone that you want to monitor.

If you are a quality-freak and yet don’t want to spend too much for that, you might want to play safe. Quite recently, there is this cell phone tracker software that is creating quite a stir in the market- StealthGenie. And we’d be reviewing StealthGenie extensively so you get the fair idea about the product before you decide to buy it.

Introducing StealthGenie:

StealthGenie is 100% undetectable and uninstallable software that will run in the background of the target phone. That’s why it is undetectable and no one can uninstall the software without your consent.


StealthGenie is probably one of the very few cell phone tracker software compatible with the major platforms for smartphones- Android, iPhones and BlackBerry phones. In fact, StealthGenie is the first cell phone tracker software to introduce tracking software for the Android OS 4.0. It runs smoothly on:

  • iPhone iOS 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0

  • Android OS 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0

  • BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above

Packages and Pricing:

At the moment, StealthGenie is offering three packages for Android and two each for iPhones and BlackBerry. These packages can be subscribed –for three, six and twelve months respectively. The packages are for:

  1. Basic for $8 a month

  2. Gold for $13 a month

  3. Platinum for $16 a month

So basically, the cost for subscribing StealthGenie is pretty affordable but obviously the Platinum package is the most powerful one. Basic package lacks all the glamor buty still it does offer the essential features for monitoring.


StealthGenie focuses on the features and that’s what is winning it overwhelming amount of clients all over the world. The features are pretty adaptable and stable- no hang ups and freezes. StealthGenie offers:

  • Text message and emails

  • Spy calls

  • Recording phone surroundings

  • Multimedia file logs

  • Web browsing logs

  • SIM change records

  • GPS tracking

  • Location history

Along with these features, StealthGenie has some exclusive features up in stock for for clients:

  • Trigger alerts for SMS, emails and calls

  • Remotely control apps on target phones

  • Remotely delete and backup data and lock phone

So we safely suggest StealthGenie cell phone tracker software can help you monitor wayward kids and sluggish employees.

Learn to let go of things; use a mobile spy software for your kid’s phone

It is the dream of every person to be remembered with a good name and the
preparation for this should start early from your teenage. This age group known
as teenage is a really testing time for kids as they tend to experience such
things for the very first time that they have never witnessed before. This
learning curve teaches you things that you must learn and it also teaches you
about things that you must let go off. Parents need to play a pivotal role in
helping kids in this regard and they can do so easily with the help of a mobile spy software StealthGenie.

A helping hand:

A helping hand for parents is their mobile spy software StealthGenie.
Take out your stopwatch and keep note of the time; this software gets installed
in your kid’s mobile phone in less than five minutes. During or after
installation, no feature of your kid’s cell phone is disturbed. This software
runs quietly inside the cell phone of your child without giving anyone a hint of
its presence inside their cell phone.

Compatible handsets:

If you are using any latest iPhone model with iOS 4.0 or above or you are
using any BlackBerry phone with OS 4.6 or above, then I would say that you are
on track. StealthGenie works brilliantly with BlackBerry and iPhone models
having the above mentioned operating systems. Apart from this, Android phones
having an operating system of 2.1 or above are also perfectly suited with

Internet access:

Teenagers can have access to all sorts of things through the internet and if
that internet is available to you on your smartphone, then you are able to avoid
even the slightest bit of monitoring on you. StealthGenie provides parents with
complete access to the entire web browsing history of their child. This helps
parents know for sure about which websites their child visits on the internet.
Parents even get to see the web pages that are bookmarked by their child.

Phone data:

All the pictures, videos and audio files that are present inside your kid’s
cell phone are shown to you with the help of StealthGenie.

Better up-bringing:

A mobile spy software StealthGenie helps parents in ensuring a better
up-bringing of their children. Parents should make sure that their children
stick to the correct path and they do not deviate from that path at any

Parental Control Software- A Reality?

Parental Control Software is a thing of this world. It’s no myth and no fantasy. It’s here and within your reach. And yes it is as exciting as you have heard about it. The only thing that matters is the right choice and bang! Parental worries eased forever!

Forget the hassle of interrogating kids and getting a clear answer out of them. We all know teens get to be very secretive and they certainly don’t want you to poke your nose in their matters. They want all the liberty. Okay you have tried to spy on them but it failed- they are too discreet and certainly don’t leave a trail behind. Why not outfox them with technology?

Using parental monitoring software is extremely easy provided that you have the right kind of software installed on their phones. Of all the mobile spy software I have recommended to parents, I have got maximum positive feedback for StealthGenie. Parents are always finicky about quality and affordability and that’s why most of them prefer StealthGenie. Starting from $8 a month, StealthGenie gives maximum features to its customers. What’s more: you don’t have to pay for software updates and upgrades.

The Advantage of Stealth Monitoring:

First, it is remote monitoring thus using StealthGenie parental monitoring software gives you the advantage of being discreet. You can even read his/her SMS on your laptop and your kid won’t have a clue about it. Second, it gives you enough time to plan accordingly. If you figure your kid to be into drugs, you can detect it before the matter gets out of hand and deal with it in time. Third, You can also assure your kids’ safety by checking their geo-location. With growing toll of kidnapping, you can know in time if your kid is missing or if s/he is somewhere where s/he is not supposed to be.

Using StealthGenie:

Install StealthGenie on your target smartphone (Android, iPhone and BlackBerry) selecting the desired package and phone model. You will be assigned an online account which will give you detailed record of:

  • SMS, e-mails and call details

  • Call recordings

  • Recordings of phone surroundings

  • Audio/video files

  • Web browsing logs and bookmarked websites

  • Geo-location and location history

  • SIM changes

  • Trigger alerts for SMS, calls and e-mails

You can even remotely control any apps that are running on the target phone. So if you figure out that your child has some inappropriate app installed on his/her phone, you can remotely pause or deactivate that app. So it’s time that you experienced the power of stealth monitoring with StealthGenie parental monitoring software.

Get Hold Of Your “Dennis The Menace” Using A Mobile Monitoring App

809-h_main-wChildhood is a pretty innocent age group when children perform all sorts of mischievous activities in their innocence. Slowly but steadily when they reach their teenage, they still have that childish instinct, but they themselves believe that they have indeed grown up and understand everything now. This attitude of teenagers does get the parents in chaos and makes controlling their children a touch more difficult than before. A mobile monitoring app can indeed help parents ease their difficulty by keeping an eye on the cell phone activities of their children for them.

What does StealthGenie do?
A mobile monitoring app does wonders and provides parents with complete information related to their child’s mobile phone. Due to its discreet nature, this app gets downloaded inside the mobile phone of your child and provides you with all the information related to their phone. You simply need access to the internet and a StealthGenie Log-in ID and Password to access your child’s entire mobile phone data.
StealthGenie works superbly with the latest Android phones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google and a few other companies. These phones must be running on an operating system of 2.1 or higher. iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models and BlackBerry phones having an operating system of 4.6 or higher all work excellently alongside StealthGenie.
Web browsing:
Web browsing is one of the favorite time-pass for teenagers during that age. They love surfing the internet for different things. The parent’s responsibility in such times is that they need to make sure that their child does not access such websites that are morally and legally not good for them. StealthGenie helps parents monitor the internet usage of their child by providing them with their entire web-browsing history whenever they want to.
Exact location and call records:
With the help of the GPS navigator in your child’s cell phone, the exact GPS location of children is shown to parents by StealthGenie. Parents even get to view records of each and every call made to and from the mobile phone of parents.
Get StealthGenie now:
A good customer support and an excellent service add great to the value of StealthGenie. To get to know more about this mobile monitoring app, I would recommend you to definitely take a look at the StealthGenie reviews. With most reviews being in favor of StealthGenie, you are confirmed as to how successful this app really is.

Have Fun Within Limits; Look After Your Kid With An Iphone Spying Software

spying_on_kids_5iapaMany people are fond of flashy iPhone handsets. Such people love to party and enjoy a care-free atmosphere with their friends and their best friend ‘an iPhone’. If your child is a party animal, then they are sure to indulge in something that you as a concerned parent would not like. So what are you going to do about it? As a parent you should try to keep track of all their parties and whereabouts at all times. This can only become possible if you are able to install their cell phone with an iPhone spying software StealthGenie.

An Intelligent Choice:

Installing StealthGenie in your child’s iPhone is an intelligent choice. This software takes simply a few minutes to get downloaded in the cell phone of your child and provides you information of all the data inside it. It runs covertly in the back of your child’s iPhone and does not even give anyone a hint of its presence there.

Working With:

If you are concerned that installing an iPhone spying software might do some damage to the features of your child’s cell phone, then you need not worry. This software works amazingly well with all the iPhone models with an operating system of iOS 4.0 or higher. iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models are all included in this.

GPS Tracking And Live Surroundings:

Being provided the facility to trace the precise GPS location of your child whenever you want to is an extremely fascinating thing. With the help of the GPS navigator in your child’s iPhone, this software traces you their precise GPS location. The ‘Live Surroundings’ feature of StealthGenie even provides the parents the facility to record all the sounds in the surroundings of their child’s cell phone whenever they want to.

Contact Details:

Details of all the contact numbers present in the cell phone of children are shown to parents by StealthGenie.

A Great Tool:

Use an iPhone spying software and make sure that your child does not use your given freedom to bad effect. StealthGenie is a great parenting tool to help you keep tabs on your kids.

The Success Story Of A Blackberry Spy Software

With the whole world transforming into a cellular smartphone market, why should the businesses stay behind. The latest fashion of providing your employees with latest BlackBerry sets for official use is a pretty successful experiment. Unfortunately, the only drawback from this experiment is that employees use these BlackBerry phones extensively for their personal use and don’t give their office work priority when it comes to their BlackBerry phones. For employees to monitor the cell phone activities of their employees, they need the help of a BlackBerry spy software.

Why choose StealthGenie?
Employees need to be monitored at all times to get the best out of them. StealthGenie monitors the BlackBerry phone of your employees in such a manner that no one even gets a hint of it. This software is extremely easy to use and it works brilliantly with all the latest BlackBerry models having an operating system of 4.6 or above. Once you have downloaded this software in your employee’s cell phone, you just need to log-in with your StealthGenie User ID and Password. Once you have signed in, you will be provided access to the entire cell phone data of your employees.
Call records and Live Surroundings:
Employers are provided access to all the calls received and dialed from the BlackBerry phone of their employees. You even get to view the complete duration of each call as well as the exact time at which that call was made. Another facility provided to employers is that they can record the surrounding sounds of their employee’s cell phone as well.
E-mails, messenger chats and phone data:
StealthGenie provides employers with access to all the E-mail messages and BlackBerry messenger chats of their employees. They even get to view all the pictures, music and videos in the BlackBerry phone of their employees.
BlackBerry monitoring:
A BlackBerry spy software for the BlackBerry phone of your employee is a pretty handy tool for all businesses. StealthGenie helps you make sure that you run your business smoothly and without any issues.

Why is it fair to use the help of cell phone spy apps

The word spy does not bring a pleasant sound to the ear drum, but I think that all is fair in love, war and parenting. In my opinion, it is not wrong for parents to keep an eye on their kids by spying on their cell phone. Parents need to make sure that their child grows up to become the person that they always wanted them to become. This is when cell phone spy apps can help parents fulfill their dream and help make their child a better human being.

Why use StealthGenie?

One of the best cell phone spy apps out in the market at the moment is StealthGenie. This app is extremely user-friendly and it runs unnoticeably in the background of your child’s cell phone without them even knowing about it. It does not disrupt any of the cell phone’s functions and provides you access to all the data inside your child’s cell phone.

Get started:

Once you have received a user ID and password from StealthGenie, all you need is an internet connection and you can Log-in to your StealthGenie account anytime and anywhere in the world. To make sure that you have no compatibility issues with StealthGenie, you must be using an Android smartphone with an operating system of 2.1 or above or a BlackBerry phone with an operating system of 4.6 or above. All the iPhone models with an operating system of iOS 4.0 or above also work brilliantly with StealthGenie.

Phone data:

You get to view all the pictures and videos in your child’s cell phone. This helps parents confirm that their child is not in possession of any unethical stuff.

Live Surroundings:

This feature helps parents record the surrounding sounds of their child’s cell phone. This could help confirm the whereabouts of your child.

Call records:

Parents get to view all the call records of their child. This helps them know who their child talks to all the time.


StealthGenie helps parents a lot in fulfilling their responsibilities. Now parents can feel free to relax and use the help of cell phone spy apps to assist them in the proper upbringing of their child.


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